Comfortably Uncomfortable: Let's Begin

I have thoughts. So many thoughts. My brain works overtime whenever I get an idea. Like many people, I have a love/hate relationship with discomfort. When I am faced with an uncomfortable situation, I start feeling the cold sweat behind my neck, while my brain starts screaming answers that my mouth can't verbalize out of fear.

During the past year, I have been incredibly blessed to have been presented with invaluable opportunities for growth and learning. I have been exposed to realities that are not my own, and that have put me in positions of incredible discomfort, but that have resulted in invaluable learning. I have slowly (and seriously, big emphasis on SLOWLY) started to lean into the discomfort, and started allowing myself to feel and explore situations that make me challenge my preconceived notions and biases that once forced me to hide behind a persona that has not always portrayed my true feelings about situations. And after a lot of thinking, I have decided that I don't want that to be my reality anymore. Therefor, welcome to my Comfortably Uncomfortable world.

As many of you know (or may not know), I just spent three days deep diving into DEI work (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion). I had to stand in front of people I had just met, and I had to open my heart and soul and dig deep into what my reality is, and how flawed it is. We looked at what challenges we have created, and how little we know about how we can create a better world for our future. For the next nine month, I will be doing intensive work with the hopes of becoming a DEI facilitator, which will allow me to go into congregations and help build a more inclusive space where any and all people can feel like they belong; a space that will allow Jews everywhere to practice the idea of "Hineni", or "Here I Am", and not only step into the space, but be an active and integral part of it, feeling a sense of belonging and a motivation to be a full participant.

We don't do DEI work just because we need to, we do it because WE HAVE TO. Whether its gender identity, physical disability (visible or not), mental health, race, and any other part of ourselves that makes as unique in any and every way, we all have the RIGHT to belong.

I want this space to be for everyone. So please, join me in being Comfortable Uncomfortable. Use this space to share your thoughts, your feelings, your rants, and anything else you may need. If you want to contribute (and please do!) email me and I will post your thoughts.

Don't let discomfort keep you from speaking up and sharing your truth. Help me create a brave space. Let's create a space where we can all be Comfortably Uncomfortable.

With much love,


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