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Why We Need To Talk About Race, And Why You Might Hate Me For It.

We need to talk about race. I will not apologize for any discomfort that this post may cause, nor will I be upset if your feelings towards me change because of my political beliefs. In fact, if this post makes you so uncomfortable that it elicits that unique, burning feeling of immeasurable anger or disgust that can only generate from the very pit of your stomach, whether you agree with my stance or not, then I will consider this post a success. Why? Because that means that means that you needed to hear what I need to say. I was one of those people that believed that “All Lives Matter” was the acceptable retort to the Black Lives Matter movement. I believed that singling out one group of people did nothing but just strengthen racism. I was one of those people that lived in a bubble of unrelenting privilege. Luckily, I have friends who are people of color that had no problem shaking some sense into me, and that took the time to challenge my beliefs, making me look at myself in the mirro